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WELCOME to the MyInfoVault (MIV) Web Site!


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  • As of April 11, 2013, the MIV team has deployed a new Appeals Process and Post Audit Location.  This allows for processing of candidate appeals within MIV and also allows MyInfoVault Administrators to conduct audits prior to archiving candidate dossiers.

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INFORMATION about the MyInfoVault (MIV) Web site!

Here you will find information, tools, and resources to make your experience as a MyInfoVault user as easy and rewarding as possible. Tour the site and don't forget to contact the MIV Project Team at if you have any suggestions or comments about this site.

CONTACT US: is used to send questions or report problems to the MIV Project Team. is used to send information and announcements to all participants. How do I subscribe to the list? is used to send information and announcements to all college and department administrators. How do I subscribe to the list?

Safeguarding Identity Information

California state law (Section 1798 California Civil Code) and campus policy (PPM 320-022) prohibits the public display or posting of an individual's SSN. Campus units are advised to not send personal names and identity information via email. Removing some portion of the restricted identity information or encryption of the message is required to be consistent with state law and campus policy. For more information, visit the Cyber-Safety Web site at If you have questions, contact the interim IT Security Coordinator, Morna Mellor at

Enhancements & Bugs

What's fixed / Known bugs / Other Enhancements
Many improvements for MIV are in the works!
There are several areas of functionality that are being worked on and improved. Questions about these improvements can be sent to the project team at

Contact Us

Have Questions? Contact the MIV Project Team at:
This site is yours, so please forward your questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas for further improvement to the MIV Project Team.

Training & Support

Training is not required, but at various times we offer some introductory courses and overview sessions Staff Development and Professional Services
Department-specific training sessions are also available. Contact if you are interested.

Meetings and Events

MIV Users Group: January 30, 2014, at 10:00AM in Mrak Hall Room 203

About MyInfoVault

UC Davis MyInfoVault Project
Purpose of MyInfoVault
MyInfoVault is an online system that creates electronic faculty dossiers and CVs in support of academic merit and promotion actions.

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