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Java Plug-in Instructions: Windows Internet Explorer 7

Windows Users: Internet Explorer 7.0

For a PDF version of these instructions, click the Attachments tab.

Instructions for Windows Users using Internet Explorer

The Windows workstation configuration for Banner 7 users should include the Java Plug-in runtime to support the running of the Oracle forms. The required plug-in is Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 6.0 Update x (x being the most current version on the site).

For workstations that do not have the Java plug-in loaded, the first time you log in to Banner 7, the Web browser will notify you that the plug-in is required and may walk you through the steps for loading the necessary plug-in. This document is developed to help users load the plug-in.

1. Go to the Banner 7 log in page:

Picture of Banner 7 login screen

2. Click INB (forms) to log in to Banner. You will then receive the Kerberos prompt.

Picture of the Kerberos Login screen

  • If your workstation already has the required Java plug-in (J2SE Runtime Environment 6.0) loaded, the Banner log in page will display and you will be able to enter the system. You will not need to complete the following steps.
  • If your workstation does NOT have the necessary Java plug-in you will receive the alert that ActiveX control is required. Proceed with the following installation instructions.

Picture of Alertof ActiveX control

3. If you receive this notice, click on the top information bar where it says Click here to install... A three-option popup will appear. Select Install Active Control to start the loading of the plug-in.

4. Follow the instructions for loading the Java plug-in (J2SE Runtime Environment 6.0). You should receive a Security Warning.

Picture of Dialog Box for Loading the Java plug-in

5. Click Install. As long as the information is complete and similar to the one above, select the install function. The install will ask for a license agreement and type of install.

Picture of License Agreement and Type of Install

6. Select the Typical setup.

7. Click Accept. The Google choice message will appear.

Picture of Google Toolbar and Google Desktop Dialog box

8. Unselect both of these entries. There is no need to load the additional toolbar or desktop offered.

9. Click Next after de-selecting both options. Now the runtime environment will be loaded. This may take a few minutes so be patient. Once the program is loaded you will receive the following:

Picture of Runtime Environment Dialog box

10. Click Finish. The plug-in will start and bring up a second window Oracle Developer Forms Runtime?Web with the log-in request in the middle.

Picture of Oracle Developer Forms Runtime Login Box

11. Enter your Banner log-in user name (UC Davis LoginID).

12. Enter your Gold Card hard token onetime password. You do not need to enter a database name.

13. Click Connect.

You are now connected.

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